Summer Projects

June 26, 2012

Both of the summer projects that I’m supervising with Walter Colombo have now started, with two students joining us for 8 weeks over summer to gain some experience of the research environment and work on some (hopefully) interesting projects.

One of our students (James) is investigating the ranking of content on Twitter by pairwise comparison. He’s currently building a website to allow comparison of tweets and hopefully we’ll be able to get enough people to have a go at it that we can gather a large number of ratings of tweets. From there we can investigate different ranking systems and do some analysis to see if we can pull out what makes a tweet “good” or “bad”. The site should go live soon, so watch this space for an announcement.

The other student (Tim) has just started yesterday and is going to be analysing retweet propagation through the Twitter social network. Hopefully this will tie into some work being done by Will (a PhD student in the school). As he’s only just started we have no firm plans yet, but we’ll maybe end up looking at some community detection or some other type of analysis to go along with this.

I’ll try and post regularly on these and keep the project pages updated throughout the summer.

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