May 15, 2012

So, I’ve been kind of ignoring this blog, haven’t I?

Ah well, never mind. I have a good excuse as I’ve been very busy working on something else, which I’ll explain in a post sometime soon. For now though I’ve made a decision to use this blog more and also to include more regular small updates on work things as well as the other stuff I’ve been doing outside of work.

So, what work stuff have I been doing lately?

Twitter Experiment

We recently launched our twitter based experiment here. Uptake has been very good, the initial results are quite interesting and we’re currently prepping a short paper for SocialCom which I personally think has a pretty good chance of being accepted.  I’ll post about some of the initial findings soon.

Our analysis has revealed a couple more pieces of data that we need to collect, so I’ve got a couple of modifications to make to the site then we can hopefully start spreading the link a bit further to get a few hundred more respondents for a nice journal article.

Foursquare Experiment

The initial plans for this have been scaled back and refined, but this should be online soon. I’ll post more in the next couple of weeks as I finish off development on this and get it ready for deployment.

CUROP Summer Projects

Walter and I were successful in applying for some CUROP funding for a summer project looking at retweet flow in Twitter. We’ve had a lot of interest in the project, so much so that we’ve managed to convince a couple of lovely people to part with some more cash so we can take on another student for an additional summer project, this one based on Twitter ranking. I’ll post about both projects in detail once we’ve made our decision on which students to take on for the summer.

Mobisoc Website

Over the course of about a day Matthew Williams and I recently hacked together a website for the MobiSoc researchers here at CU, which is now live and will hopefully start to flourish as more people get involved. It’s not much at the moment, but it could be good…

As well as those projects there’s been discussions with some friendly scientists from Cambridge about getting our hands on some personality data, the ever present EU deliverables that have needed sorting, and the logistics for the next project partner meeting in Athens in June. It’s been a busy couple of months.

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