Programme Development

Below is a rough timeline of all the programme and module development I’ve been part of or have overseen during my teaching career to date.


  1. MBA with AI - programme development
  2. MSc Cyber Security with Technology - programme development

I did very little for these ones! Oversaw the MSc CyberTech development and sheperded the paperwork through to approval, and contributed a module design to the MBA with AI programme development, which was led by the Business School. A nice simple year.


  1. MSc Computing - major changes
  2. MSc Computing and IT Management - major changes
  3. MSc Computational and Data Journalism - intermediate changes
  4. MSc Data Analytics for Government - programme development

Led the team redeveloping the conversion masters programmes in the School, MSc Computing and MSc Computing and IT Management. Liased with partner school to manage impact on joint MSc Computational and Data Journalism programme. Led the team developing the MSc Data Analytics for Government programme under and withing the framework provided by the ONS.


  1. MSc Advanced Computer Science - major changes
  2. MSc Artificial Intelligence - programme development
  3. MSc Cybersecurity - major changes
  4. MSc Data Science and Analytics - major changes

Led the teams developing new programmes and redeveloping existing programmes. Development of each MSc was handled by a different programme team, and I pulled all documentation together to a coherent submission, while also taking the lead on redeveloping the MSc Advanced Computer Science. This was a complete admin nightmare, but ended up being one of the smoothest approvals I’ve ever seen.


  1. BSc Computer Science (+ variants) - intermediate changes
  2. MSci Computer Science (+ variants) - programme development

Led the team developing the new MSci Computer Science programme and all associated variants (with placement, with year of study abroad, with subject specialisms), and the associated intermediate changes to the existing BSc degrees that came along with that.


I either had a year off programme development/redevelopment or I did some stuff that I can’t remember and that I have no record of. <elmofire.gif>


  1. MSc Computational and Data Journalism - major changes

Key member of the development team, revising the programme to add additional data journalism elements.


  1. MSc Computational Journalism - programme development

Key member of development team as representative from the School of Computer Science and Informatics, designing the programme and computer science elements, including designing new modules in ‘Web Application Development’ and ‘Visual Communication and Information Design’, alongside the co-design of the joint ‘Digital Investigation’ module