SCA 2013 - Visiting Patterns and Personality of Foursquare Users

October 1, 2013

Nice work by [@martinjc]( on Foursquare checkins and personality # sca2013 [](

— Shaun Lawson (@shaunlawson) October 1, 2013

Today was presentation day for me at SCA 2013 - I was presenting the initial results of the Foursquare experiment, which has now been running for a while. The presentation seemed to go really well - I think it’s the strongest work I’ve done yet, and so it was easy to talk well and with confidence about it, which led to a nice talk. There was also plenty of discussion after the talk, with a lot of good comments and questions from the audience, which suggests that most people were quite interested in the research. I pitched it as a WIP paper, describing what the ultimate aim of the project is - very much recycling the talk I gave to the interview panel for my fellowship proposal. I think it certainly got a few people interested who’ll look to follow the project as it unfolds over the next couple of months.

After lunch there was an extra bonus when we discovered a beer vending machine in the hotel - what better way to celebrate a successful conference presentation than a cold beer in the sun?

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