SocialCom 2012

September 7, 2012

I’ve just returned from SocialCom 2012 and figured it was worth a post to round it all up. This is not that post however; that will take a little longer to write as there were quite a few really interesting and relevant talks to round up. I also had some good discussions about the work we’ve been doing, the work we’re planning to do and some of the work that others are doing.

This post is instead just to gather together some of the stuff I’ve done linked to the conference. I presented the initial results from our Twitter experiment, which was accepted as a short paper “Better the tweeter you know: social signals on Twitter”. The slides of my presentation are below, while the paper is available from the publisher). The code for the experiment is on github here, and the data that came from the experiment will be released as soon as we’ve finished analysis for the journal paper that we’re currently working on.

** Tweetcues - Better the tweeter you know: social signals on Twitter ** from Martin Chorley

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