Edinburgh Festival... Day Five

September 8, 2011

It’s the last full day at the festival and we wake up even later than the day before. It’s so late we decide to skip breakfast, and as it’s time for lunch we’ll head out for curry. A quick curry and rice and we’re up and running for the day once more. The shows today don’t start until later on, so we have a bit of a walk around, grab a coffee and cake, then once more split, as Lisa decides to go back to the flat briefly while I head to pub. I sit out of the rain doing the crossword, have a pint and await Lisa’s return. She arrives, we finish the crossword, and head off to the show. The first show of the day is Ruby Wax in her one woman play (that’s got two women in it): Losing It. It’s a fantastic and honest play about mental illness, really well done, with some laughs and a lot of truth.

Following the show we take a walk over to near Arthur’s seat, then back towards town for the last show of our festival. On the way we find a really ace pub that I think will be my local when I make it to Edinburgh full time. We have a quick pint, then go to the Queens Hall for Henry Rollins. The man is amazing, he gets up on stage and just talks for the evening, and everything he says is amusing or thoughtful and brilliant. He’s basically just telling us what he’s done for the last year, with some old road stories thrown in for good measure, but he’s such a great speaker its one of the highlights of the week. I think most academics I’ve seen talk could learn hugely from the passion and thought he puts into telling stories.

Post show we head back to the pub for a couple of pints, then grab a chinese takeaway and head back to the flat. With that, we’re done. Wasted, destroyed. Great week.

Shows: 2
Pints: A few
Chinese Food: some
Aging rock stars: one

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