Keeping Busy

April 7, 2011

I have found that the secret to forgetting that it’s my viva in 13 days is to keep busy. Extraordinarily busy. Luckily, work is conspiring right along with me, with coding on our first experiment in full go-mode, a workshop + social dinner next week to help organise, reading and planning for our main ‘project’ to do, a paper to edit and revise for a workshop and a side project looking at 4sq to move from prototype ‘buggy as hell, falls over if you look at it funny’ mode to ‘production, solid as a rock, leave it running and forget about it’ mode. That’s all before you remember that there’s also the final deliverables to work on as well! Luckily it’s just what I need to keep my mind off the 20th.

Just hoping I can get it all done before I do actually need to stop and remember what it was I did for my PhD of course…

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